How to Write an Obituary

How to Write an Obituary

Obituaries reflect over the life of the deceased in a few short paragraphs. Below is a suggestion for the layout for an obituary. Families may choose to include or omit details according to their own choosing.

  • The first paragraph should include the following that apply: Name, age, and residence of deceased; date of birth, names of parents, date of marriage, name of spouse, and cause of death.
  • The second paragraph can list things that are unique to your loved one such as: church membership, employment, hobbies, and things they were known for in the community.
  • Next list all the surviving relatives.
  • Then list the relatives preceding your loved one in death.
  • The last paragraph should include the following: date, time, and place of service; name of clergy officiating, cemetery location; date, time, and place of visitation; special thanks (eg: hospice, caregivers). Name and phone number of funeral home.

All of our families are offered a complimentary obituary on our website. We will also submit the obituary to local newspapers of the family’s choice. Newspaper fees can vary significantly. We can help to inform you of those options.