Our Services

Our Services

Our services are limited to meet the needs of local families and churches accustomed to self-directing funerals. Call us today to learn more.

What We Provide

Basic Funeral Arrangements

  • Submitting of obituaries online and in local papers.
  • Filing of all necessary permits.
  • Equipment for service: casket dolly, registration stand, and flower stands.
  • Merchandise: We can help you select memory cards, register books, caskets, and outer burial containers. Families may also choose to provide any of these items on their own.


Care for the Deceased

  • Embalming, disinfection, and sanitation
  • Dressing, casketing, and cosmetizing according to the family’s wishes



  • Initial transfer from place of death into our care
  • Transport to and from place of visitation or funeral
  • Funeral procession to cemetery (if applicable) with appropriate staff, vehicles, and equipment


What the Family and Church Provide

An appropriate facility for the scheduled events. 
A funeral coordinator able to perform the following:
  • Meet with family to discuss service details
  • Direct visitation guests
  • Assist the family during visitation
  • Arrange funeral seating
  • Direct pall bearers
  • Work alongside clergy officiating the service


Church directed funerals allow for optimal community involvement and significantly lower costs for families. However, this approach is not suitable for every circumstance. Families who need more service options than those we can provide should contact a reputable full-service funeral home.